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Italmente events

Italmente is a growing online community focused on learning Italian online with a modern and tailored approach.

We run at least one event per month in which we provide a taste of what it means to learn Italian online with our native teachers.

Most of our events are free. 

To join an event, you just need to click on the event card below and you will be redirected to the event page. After subscribing to our platform you'll be added to the event group where all the details about the event will be shared.

Featured events

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20 Dec 2022 - 01 Jan 2023



All Italmente events

In this section you can search through all the current and past events hosted by Italmente. 

Il Bar in Italia
Free event

Parliamo del bar in Italia in una serata divertente e interessante!

27 Mar 2023


30 Mar 2023


Survival Italian free course

The basics for travelling in Italy

6 Dec 2022


15 Dec 2022


Il Festival di Sanremo
Free event

Scopri di più sul famoso festival

21 Feb 2023


23 Feb 2023


Free online Italian course
Winter in Italy

Discover Italian winter vibes

17 Jan 2023


26 Jan 2023


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