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La Cucina Regionale Italiana
Free Event

28 November 2023


29 November 2023

Scopriamo le differenze tra alcuni piatti regionali e interessanti ricette!

1 lesson per level

75 minutes

Level A1

Date & time: November 29th at 7pm Italian Time


  • Curiosità, ingredienti e ricetta di questi piatti regionali:

    • un piatto del nord: le lasagne bolognesi

    • un piatto del sud: le arancine siciliane


2 Groups - Levels
A1 and A2+

Levels A2+

Date & time: November 28th at 7pm Italian time


  • Curiosità, ingredienti e ricetta di questi piatti regionali:

    • i tortellini/cappelletti

    • le pallotte cacio e ova

    • le arancine siciliane

Italy is famous for its cuisine worldwide, but not many people know that in Italy there is a different recipe for each town (and even each family!). Some recipes are famous, and other are not, but all are very tasty and ready to be discovered! With our teachers Elena and Andrea, you will learn some wonderful recipes you can replicate at home, their history and more curiosities, all while chatting in Italian!

The course is open to students of all levels and is completely free of charge. The lessons will be held via Zoom, and after the registration you'll be added to our group for this event on our platform, where you'll find useful information including the link to access the course, which will be posted a few days before the start. Please note that the lessons will be in Italian, so they are not meant for full beginners. But of course, you're always welcome to join!

Ti aspettiamo!


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If you wish, you will be able to delete your account after the course ends.

If you already have an account and are logged in, we will simply add your profile to this event.

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