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Survival Italian free course

6 December 2022


15 December 2022

Quanto costa? A che ora parte il treno? Dove sei andato in vacanza l'anno scorso? Qual è il tuo teatro preferito in Italia? Cosa ne pensi delle differenze culturali italiane?

2 Lessons

75 min per lesson

Levels A1-A2

First meeting: Dec 8th at 8pm CET

Second meeting: Dec 15th at 8pm CET


  • Ordinare al ristorante

  • Parlare di eventi culturali

  • Comprare un biglietto alla stazione


2 Groups Levels
A1-A2 and B1-B2

Levels B1-B2

First meeting: Dec 6th at 8pm CET

Second meeting: Dec 13th at 8pm CET


  • Esprimere opinioni

  • Raccontare un viaggio in Italia

  • Dare consigli su cosa visitare

  • Dove mangiare

There are many situations a tourist faces during a trip in Italy, when it is important to be able to deal with various topics. From talking about oneself to discussing favourite museums, from ordering a coffee to getting to know local gastronomy better, it is normal to feel confused and stressed when speaking to local people in Italy (especially when they talk fast!).

This course is aimed at helping students of different levels face several daily situations in Italy with more confidence. During 2, fun lessons, our teachers Andrea and Eugenio will help you improve your knowledge of survival Italian in a pragmatic and interactive way.

Ti aspettiamo!


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