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Viaggio in Italia
Free event

17 April 2023


19 April 2023

Quali sono le differenze tra le principali città italiane? Cosa si mangia e cosa si può visitare?

1 lesson per level

100 minutes

Level A1

Date & time: April 17th at 8pm Central European Time


  • Città: Milano, Roma, Napoli

  • Cibo tipico

  • Monumenti

  • Paesaggi


2 Groups - Levels
A1 and A2+

Levels A2+

Date & time: April 19th at 8pm Central European Time


  • Città: Milano, Roma, Napoli

  • Cibo tipico

  • Monumenti e attività

  • Stereotipi

Italian cities are all wonderful for different reasons, and each has its own personality and wonders. Knowing their differences is a must for both tourists and for those who wish to better understand the Italian language and culture. So join us for a fun and interesting evening with our teacher Elena, to chat and discuss Italian cities and their peculiarities!

The course is open to students of all levels and is completely free of charge. Lessons will be held via Zoom, and after the registration you'll be added to our group for this event, where you'll find useful information including the link to access the course. Please note that the lessons will be in Italian, so they are not meant for full beginners. But of course, you're always welcome to join!

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If you wish, you will be able to delete your account after the course ends.

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